“Educate a child, change a village”

- Ian Sendagala

Why Uganda?

Due to lack of government subsidized education, families face enormous challenges to educate their children.

  • ​Over half of the people in Uganda struggle to survive on less than $1.25 a day
  • 25% of children in rural Uganda receive no education
  • 3 out of 4 children who start primary school never complete 5th grade
  • For every 100 girls in Uganda starting primary school, only 6 ever complete the secondary level


Kamukama Foundation sponsors provide an education to children growing up in extreme poverty who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Just $25.00 a month gives a child the chance to break the cycle of poverty and spark hope for the future.


Thoughts From Our Sponsors

A God Thing

by Sponsor Andrea Edwards

A few years ago my friend Sally told me about a foundation her sister Jeanne had started following a visit to Uganda. That was my introduction to the Kamukama Foundation. And they, in turn, introduced me to Donamu Nyinansekuye, a student at Victory School in Buhoma, a small village near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southeastern Uganda. Donamu is the smart, beautiful girl I’m privileged to sponsor. Over the last few years I have exchanged letters with Donamu and have been the recipient of several wonderful handmade gifts from her family. I also loved reading about the great work the foundation was doing in conjunction with Victory School. But that was the extent of my involvement—a small charge to my credit card each month and a letter I would write to Donamu once a year.

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by Board Member and Sponsor Milo Burdette

During our first visit to Uganda in the summer of 2012, we had just returned to our lodge following what can only be described as a long, difficult but thrilling hike to see the mountain gorillas. My wife Carol and I were tired and wanted only a hot shower, a little dinner and our beds! However, we learned when we returned that a small group of young children from a local school, joined by a few of their teachers, had been waiting for hours to sing and dance for us. We of course joined others who were staying at the lodge to watch the children. It was a cool, damp night. Many of the children didn’t have shoes or sweaters, most of them looked hungry and we were later told that they had many miles to go to return home in the dark. To say our life changed that night is an understatement. I soon found myself dancing to their native beats. We loved their songs and their dancing but most of all their huge smiles and their longing to connect to these strangers from some other land.

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The Kamukama Foundation partners with local primary and secondary schools to improve the infrastructure and quality of education.

Victory School Uganda

Sylvia and Victor Bahati started Victory School in 2006. Having known poverty firsthand, they sought out a way to positively impact the children in the community. Their mission was to provide an education to the most vulnerable children. Funded from money saved by working at a local lodge the school enrolled 33 children and has since grown to 300. The Kamukama Foundation has partnered with Victory School since 2012 and provides sponsorships for hundreds of students. In addition donations have bought textbooks, school supplies, trained teachers, created dormitories and much more. The educational outcomes have dramatically improved for Victory School.


Vision for the Future

With a young adult unemployment rate of 64% in Uganda, Kamukama Foundation is committed to expanding our outreach to support the educational needs of more children.

Looking forward, we will broaden our vision to encompass not only educational support, but also the spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of both primary and secondary students. By taking a more holistic approach, we hope to offer these otherwise disadvantaged youth “opportunities and resources” to become well rounded young adults, equipped with the tools necessary to tackle their futures with great success.